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What’s the Reach of Your Business on Social Networking Sites

Improve Brand Awareness with an Active Online Presence Do you have a specific aim in mind when developing your company’s online marketing campaigns? Increased web traffic is a nice goal to strive for, but unless new followers are converting into new customers or improved sales revenue, what’s the point in spending valuable time tweeting and [...]

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Photo Sharing Sites Help Grow Your Business

Advertise Your Business on Photo Sharing Sites Photo sharing sites, such as Instagram and Photobucket, are popular online hangouts for uploading and sharing photos with your friends and family. Pinterest is a relatively new website which lets you share photos from your favorite websites, or even your own webpage or blog. Once you register, Pinterest [...]

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Learn about EMD-exact match domain names

New Epic Media Discusses Exact Match Domain Names

Using Exact Match Domain Names Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team recently announced a change in Google’s algorithm that will reduce low-quality exact-match domain names in SERP (search engine results page). This change will affect about 0.6% of English-US based search engine queries. You need to know the power of particular domain names, and [...]

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Building Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

How much information is too much? Constantly sharing every little detail of your business across all your social media platforms is a sure way to get your followers to tune out, or even stop following your company. How do you share news about your businesses recent events with current and potential customers? Do you use [...]

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Facebook vs. Google: The Ad Combat

As marketers and search engine optimizers, it is largely impossible to have an overarching customer acquisition strategy. Our clients expect us to be the experts, knowing which platforms will provide the greatest success in the marketplace. Unfortunately, without a cookie-cutter answer available, we commonly need to create a new recipe for each and every client. [...]

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What about SEO puzzles you?

I love puzzles. I love the challenge, the necessary dedication to time, and the ability to see a beautiful picture at the end. When it comes to Internet marketing, this “dedication to time” is one of the trickiest pieces in the puzzle. And because ROI tends to be the most important piece, figuring out a [...]

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Google Shopping - New Epic Media

Google Shopping Groundwork to Save Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce websites and Google Product Search go together like peanut butter and jelly. Collectively, they form a seamless recipe that work jointly and complement one another. From the designated ‘Froogle’ in 2002 to the re-labeled ‘Google Product Search’ in 2007, customers across the world have been utilizing Google to purchase products for quite some time. [...]

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The SlideShare Advantage

LinkedIn’s acquisition of SlideShare has motivated us to partake in a little marketing math exercise. Get out your calculators and take LinkedIn’s 161 million members, then add them to SlideShare’s combined projected 136 million monthly unique visitors. What do you get? Enormous potential. While a quantifiable number cannot be achieved, the B2B landscape has opened [...]

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Penguin Potential

Google announced its Webspam “Penguin” Update a couple weeks ago and, akin to The March of the Penguins, businesses both large and small flocked to SEO professionals for help. As business owners found themselves up in arms about their website’s disappearance in the search rankings, the team at New Epic Media had our arms crossed, [...]

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Facebook Facelift - New Epic Media

Business Impact Behind Facebook’s Brand Pages

The new Facebook timeline release was followed by the usual onslaught of fury. Users couldn’t possibly imagine growing accustom to this new appearance. Lo and behold, everyone has calmed down and adapted to this change. Most of us have actually become excited about the changes, rushing to change cover photos and post images that we [...]

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