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Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

The time has come for every marketer to turn a deaf ear to the buzz about email marketing’s funeral. Online marketing today lends itself to constant change, which, in this space, is generally a good thing. Tactics are perfected, new technologies mold strategies, and forward thinking is encouraged. Everyone wants to be the first to find and utilize the next “big thing”. As marketers, we all too often jump to change, when true success lies in the ability to evolve. Those averse to this evolution are sitting on Facebook or Twitter in the hopes of magically fostering and capturing leads.

According to a study by Forrester Research, in 2013, U.S. expenditure is forecasted to look like $2.76 billion spent on social and $1.88 billion spent on email. The naïve marketer looks at social media as the new method of communication. They see an increase social media spending and a decrease in email marketing expenditure. To them, change is imminent. The savvy marketer, however, looks at social media as only a piece of their puzzle. To them, evolution is looming. They understand that social media must promote email campaigns and visa versa. They understand that their email list contains qualified leads and that engagement within social media should fuel their email campaigns, not replace them.

At the end of the day, the one marketing constant is the ability to communicate. While communication “best practices” will continue to change, it is imperative to remember that perfected communication involves the ability to progress current initiatives while taking advantage of the latest trends. In email marketing, the race against time lies in two factors: your database and your content.

As time goes on, your email database becomes less and less meaningful. Email addresses change, subscribers unsubscribe, and the rest of them forgot why they signed up to get emails in the first place. So, how do we overcome these obstacles? Back to today’s theme, we evolve. The savvy marketer knows it is their responsibility to create email campaigns that overcome the race against time. Social media and blog content are two tools to this triumph. It may seem like the marketing world has beaten every dead horse in the country, but quality, fresh content is not just the next “big thing”, it’s the next, the first, and the last “big thing”. Not to say that another “best practice” is likely to emerge tomorrow, but throughout this marketing evolution, the communication constant has always been harnessed by content.

Good content leads to more good content. A well-written blog nurtures a subscription to an email list. A hysterical tweet turns into link sharing. A controversial Facebook posts garners an increase in comments. This may seem like trivial activity that will lead to little, if any, qualified leads. When I get an email from Business Insider, I don’t question it’s content. I follow their blog, I frequent their social accounts, and I am genuinely interested in what they have to say. While this is an established company, it doesn’t change the fact that all of the above tactics were utilized to reach this success. Throughout the communication evolution, marketers must always understand that each piece has to build upon each other in creating a comprehensive strategy. So, go ahead and hold off on attending that email marketing funeral because, if anything, these next “big things” have increased its lifespan.


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