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Reputation Management

We protect your brand’s reputation by promoting a positive impression in both search results and consumer’s minds.

In today’s online driven world, a customer’s reactions, opinions, and ideas are posted and shared within seconds. This virtual world continues to flatten, carrying online reputation to a chief component of business health. One harmful comment has the capacity for far-reaching effects if left unaddressed. With search engines dictating and directing the majority of consumer’s thoughts, monitoring global online reputation can make or break your business.

A brand’s reputation relies on the balance of customer reviews, brand reaction, social media presence, and search engine visibility. As a result, New Epic Media uses a variety of channels to protect your business and its online reputation.

As an Online Reputation Management Agency, New Epic Media has two core goals:
1. Prominently present the positive
2. Address and learn from the negative.

Negative product reviews, for example, spread like wildfire across a million different platforms on the Internet. New Epic Media specializes in not only keeping an eye on these comments, but also in proactively responding to and learning from negative feedback.

How An Online Reputation Management Agency Can Help

When your brand’s image is at stake, you need a qualified reputation management agency like New Epic Media to counteract negative commentary, while reinforcing positive remarks. We implement an SEO strategy to push negative reviews down in search engines. Simultaneously, we offer complete reputation management services that respond to the negative feedback and tackle the issue.

New content is posted online at an exceedingly rapid rate, creating a constant stream of content to monitor. Online Reputation Management is an ongoing process. New Epic Media’s focal point remains in safeguarding a positive impression in both search rankings and consumer’s minds.