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Move Over Panda, The Penguin Has Arrived

Last week I wrote an article about Google’s algorithm mirroring somewhat of a moving target. Well, that target has moved to the Southern Hemisphere, and more specifically, to Antarctica. Once again Google’s algorithm has restructured to implement its WebSpam Update, or as Google has now referred to it, the Penguin Update. Go ahead, laugh it up, but Google’s new algorithm change is really named the Penguin Update. If Google’s underlying motive was to ease the flustering SEO professionals’ minds, well done. I mean, really, who could be afraid of a cute little penguin? We’re certainly not scared, but those SEO companies wearing their dreaded black hats must have been shaking in their boots. Over-optimization (more precisely, webspam) is finally being punished.

In my opinion, this cute little Penguin Update shines a bright spotlight on the significance of using organic strategies to achieve SEO objectives. Hearing “over-optimization penalty” in the buzz preceding this update steered quite a commotion. To clarify, the Penguin Update is targeted at webspam, and therefore, white hat SEO methods should not be affected.

So, in the spirit of Friday and the fact that penguins are really cute, we have decided to draw parallels between the Penguin Update and actual penguins (seriously). Enjoy!

1. Penguins waddle, which makes them move slowly. Much like the slow waddle of a penguin, Google’s algorithm takes some time to come into full effect. The Penguin Update is fully live, so the changes will continue to roll out over the next few days.

2. Penguins lost their ability to fly millions of years ago, but they adapted by becoming proficient swimmers. Similarly, in the beginning of SEO, keyword stuffing and spammy tactics were all some of us knew. As time went on, we have all adapted to the current best practices of SEO. The most important thing to keep in mind is that white hat SEO is immune to algorithm changes.

3. Penguins are reportedly very social, forming colonies that can number in upwards of a million birds over thousands of years nesting in the same region. Comparably, as the lifeline of a website extends, proper SEO methods will augment each other and form a powerful influence in search rankings.

4. Unlike the majority of animal species in the world, penguins have a lack of fear of humans. How are we going to twist this into an SEO lesson? It’s pretty simple, SEO best practices all point to relationship building. Whether it’s guest posting, link building, content generation, etc., relationships spawn a foundation for future SEO wins for any company.

5. Finally, we look to the penguin’s appearance to round out our parallels. A penguin has a black back and white front. Let’s concentrate on the white front, or belly, that the penguins wear as they waddle about. Moving forward, white hat practices will become the norm. The SEO game keeps changing, but the changes take place in an unchanged direction. Google is persistently moving towards rewarding white hat tactics and punishing black hat spam. The penguins had it right all along to turn their backs to black hat practices.

Hopefully, this SEO/penguin analogy helped to not only point out the importance of honest SEO, but also to ease your minds about yet another update. We guarantee there will be many more Google algorithm updates in our future, the key is to focus your efforts on good SEO and continue optimizing sites to withstand any algorithm modification.


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4 Responses to Move Over Panda, The Penguin Has Arrived

  1. Rick Gleer April 27, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Great Article Amy. I enjoyed reading it. Comparing Google to penguins was classic!

  2. Robyn April 27, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Great article! I love the analogy.

  3. Alan Bleiweiss April 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    hahaha LOVE how you wrote this one up Amy! The mighty penguin is here :-)

  4. Dewaldt Huysamen April 30, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    I am looking forward to Penguin being fully implemented in South Africa as there is a few sites that should get penalised.

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