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Video Marketing

People, consumers, and your target audience would rather watch than read. Video content heightens exposure online and showcases your brand value to potential consumers.

Our video production and marketing department puts the ‘epic’ in New Epic Media. The marketing and advertising landscape has encountered a massive change – people, consumers, and your target audience would simply rather watch than read. Virtually 75% of executives prefer video. So, the ability to create a video that showcases your brand’s value is paramount.

New Epic Media’s video production teams are experts in their field. Videos are critical to creating commercials and collateral that heightens your brand and increases exposure. Both studio-recorded videos and on-location video shoots at New Epic Media ensure a quality video that serves as a vehicle to convert viewers to customers. We understand the tremendous benefit of video across all platforms, creating a viral explosion with potential to travel cosmic distances across the online globe.

Video production at New Epic Media is all-inclusive in every faculty. We provide complete HD video production that includes everything: script-writing, storyboarding, filming, importing, editing, rendering, and exporting video projects from scratch. Beyond our comprehensive video package, we take video marketing a step further by providing unmatched video SEO. Our video optimization provides superior video page ranking, and thus, supreme publicity for your brand.

Our creative capacity is harmonized with video technical talents to produce a cinematic masterpiece. We combine motion graphics and animation with VFX to create videos that have movement, 2D/3D effects, and flash animations. Further, custom Facebook animations with interaction and built-in links drive the social media aspect of your business. We accelerate your ability to promote your product lines, advertise your services, and reach your audience in the most eye-catching, effective fashion imaginable.

Brand identity is an integral segment of our video production and marketing division. Through video montages, we can take previously recorded photo, video, and media and edit into a medley that supports and augments your company’s message. Finally, our ability to perform video conversion and video exporting supplements older collateral and transforms it into platforms compatible with current standards.